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The China Century Altar

The China Century Altar
The China Century Altar
Beijing’s China Century Altar stands along a north-south axis between the Military Museum and the Central Television Complex, with the scenic Yuyuantan Park to the north and the West Beijing Railway Terminus to the south, occupying an area of 4.5 hectares and a total floor space of about 42,000 square meters.

The altar is a grand structure that combines the spirit of traditional Chinese culture with modern architectural standards. The altar also integrates the architectural design with landscaping, sculpture, mural painting and various other art forms. The altar is mainly composed of the Sacred Fire Square, Bronze Path, Main Altar, relief sculpture symbolizing 56 ethnic groups, Century Bell and Culture Square, etc. The lighting transformation was made in year 2007 for the Altar.


Adopted Products for the Altar Lighting Project: High power LED wallwasher ( Line-a, Aurora Borealis A)

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