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DeShengMen ('Gate of Virtuous Triumph')

DeShengMen ('Gate of Virtuous Triumph') was once part of Beijing's city wall, one of nine original gates with the ancient militaryfunction. Deshengmen Archery Tower is o­ne of the three well-preserved arrow towers in the inner city of Beijing. The original gate complex was constructed in 1437 during the Ming dynasty (1368 to 1644). In the following dynasties, the gate and tower was repaired many times. In 1951, Chinese government allocated special funds to repair the tower, and repair entirely in 1980. In 1982, the Culture Preservation Station was set up for the Tower and then opened to the public. The Tower is Beijing’s important historical relic and one of the famous places of interest. The lighting transformation was made in year 2006 for the Tower.

Adopted Products for the Tower Lighting Project: High power LED wallwasher (Dancer-B); high power LED floodlight (Tank series)

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