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The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace started out life as the 'Garden of Clear Ripples' (Qīngyī Yuán) in 1750 (Reign Year 15 of Qianlong Emperor). The Summer Palace cost 15 years to be completed. It’s the best-kept existing royal garden in China and one of the four finest gardens in China( the other three is Emperor Kangxi's Summer Mountain Resortin Chengde, Humble Administration Garden in Suzhou and Suzhou Liu Garden). The Summer Palace, located northwest of Beijing's center, is easily accessible from most parts of the city.

Composed mainly of Longevity Hill (Wanshou Shan) and Kunming Lake, it occupies an area of 300.59 hectares (742.8 acres). There are over 3,000 man-made ancient structures which count building space of more than 70,000 square meters, including pavilions, towers, bridges, corridors, etc.Ingeniously conceived and elaborately designed, the Summer Palace, featuring the garden styles of both northern and southern China, is justifiably known as the 'garden of gardens'. Indeed, the Summer Palace represents a quintessentially Chinese ideal of harmony between man and nature.

Adopted Products for the Palace Lighting Project: High power LED wallwasher (Dancer-F)

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