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                                Shiyan Hscheng Special Vehicles Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hscheng Company”)was established in May 2008, with 108 staffs and 20 billion yuan asset, is a collection of automobiles(exclusive of cars), steel, building materials, handware and electrical equipment, metal materials, chemical products sales, automotive products in the research, development, car trunk and automobile spare parts processing and sales. Our main business scopes involve all kinds of dump truck cargo van and vice beam production, auto parts and Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales. Hscheng Company is one of the Dongfeng Automobile Company fixed point auto parts production enterprises. Hscheng Company has strong technology research and development capabilities. According to the market demand, we independently designed and developed “dump truck pneumatic auxiliary hook system” on June 15, 2009, therefore gained Utility Model Patent Certificate(Patent No. ZL 2008 2 0096146.1) awarded by the Nation Patent Office. So far , Hscheng Company has mastered “solid works” three dimensional new product stimulate and design software development system, popular in the European and American countries. With this system, we can realize no drawing simulating physical assembly.







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