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    Hongbing Tao Chief Engineer Attends the Ministry of Industry and Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot De



            September 10, I organized the city (state) by the letter in charge of leadership, equipment industry office (Department, Branch) and some intelligent manufacturing enterprises on behalf of a total of more than 150 people, participated in the Ministry of Industry intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration experience exchange video and telephone conference The In order to ensure the effect of the meeting, the province set up a main venue in Wuhan City, Xiangyang City, Yichang City set up a sub-venue.  Hongbing Tao chief engineer attended the meeting in Wuhan City main venue.


             Ministry of Industry intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration experience exchange video and telephone conference by the Secretary for Equipment Industry Secretary Zhang Xiangmu presided over the meeting, Minister Miao Wei attended and made an important speech.

            Miao Wei said, we must firmly grasp the direction of the development of intelligent manufacturing. A new generation of information technology and industrial integration development presents a new trend, intelligent manufacturing increasingly become the future development of manufacturing industry, a major trend and core content. The world's major developed countries have been intensified in this area layout, China is in the climbing over the important barrier, relying on investment, fight resources, fight the old way of the environment has been feasible, we must speed up the development mode change, accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing The task is very urgent. At the same time, to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, but also a major trend in the development of the manufacturing industry is to promote the industry to the high-end forward, building an important measure to build power, but also the new normal to create a new international competitive advantage inevitable choice.


            Miao Wei pointed out that we should use the pilot demonstration of this important starting point. Promote intelligent manufacturing is a complex and huge system engineering, but also a new thing, which requires a continuous exploration, trial and error of the process, it is difficult to overnight, but not anxious. To implement the "Made in China 2025", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Group decided to start from 2015 to implement the "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration special action", mainly directly cut into the manufacturing activities of the key link, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, The formation of effective experience and model, in all areas of manufacturing to be promoted and applied. This year the nationwide selection of 46 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, involving 38 industries, 21 regions. In addition, the first half of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology around the special action also carried out the relevant work: First, strengthen the strategic planning guidance, the second is to play a leading role in the standard, the third is to adhere to pilot demonstration, As a means, five is to strengthen the capacity building protection.

            Miao Wei stressed that further collaboration to do a good job of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration work. Although the special action has achieved initial results, but the more difficult work is still behind. All aspects should attach great importance to the pilot work to strengthen cooperation with: First, we must strengthen the policy support to promote the pilot work in depth, do a good job of intelligent manufacturing thirteen five planning and intelligent manufacturing project implementation plan; Second, around the letter of the competent authorities , The relevant departments within the department to strengthen co-ordination, strengthen the exchange of experience, study and study, increase the pilot demonstration of policy support to promote the pilot work more effective; third is to increase publicity efforts, through the exhibition, industry experience exchange And other means to promote the general experience in a wider range of promotion.


            At the meeting, Zhang Xiangcun read the list of 46 pilot demonstration projects, our province long fly fiber optic cable Co., Ltd. optical fiber intelligent pilot pilot project finalists. China National Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd. Jiujiang Branch, Weichai Power Co., Ltd., Haier Group, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd., Beijing and Lee, System Engineering Co., Ltd. and other five companies on the implementation of intelligent manufacturing progress, successful experience and Demonstration of the meaning of the exchange to speak. (Reproduced in Hubei Province by the letter)


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