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                        Shiyan Huisi Cheng Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. website on-line


                                The company was established in May 2008, the existing staff of 108 people, is a set of cars (excluding cars), steel, building materials, Wujinjiaodian, metal materials, Sales of chemical products, automotive product research, development, automotive boxes and auto parts processing and sales of the company. The main business includes: all kinds of dump truck and vice beam production, auto parts and Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales, Dongfeng Motor Company is one of the designated auto parts manufacturers.

                                 Huisicheng company has a strong technical research and development capabilities. According to the market demand, the independent design and development of the "dump truck pneumatic auxiliary hook system" on June 15, 2009 by the State Patent Office issued a utility model patent certificate, patent number: ZL 2008 2 0096146.1. The company has been skilled in Europe and the United States more popular "solidworks" three-dimensional new product simulation design software development system, the system can be designed by computer to simulate the physical assembly without drawings, which can greatly shorten the new product development cycle, but also greatly reduced New product development costs.

                                In recent years, the company through independent innovation, increase the structural adjustment, adhere to the marketing market, to achieve the speeding development. Enterprise in December 2008 formally settled in Dongcheng Development Zone, Shiyan City Dongfeng Industrial Park, built a car and vice beam production base and car sales company. Plant currently covers an area of 63.5 acres, construction area of 20,000 square meters. There are 180 sets of large equipment and testing equipment.

                                The company has a number of highly educated, high-quality, young, specialized management team. More than 30 percent with college and above, the company believes in "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence" management philosophy, adhere to the "integrity forever, unlimited service" business philosophy, the implementation of brand strategy for local economic construction has made a positive contribution to a good society Reputation.

                                With the institutional reform and industrial integration, the company has been expanding its production scale, continuously improving the product quality, increasing the innovation ability, and realizing the virtuous circle of logistics and capital flow. With the gradual establishment and improvement of modern enterprise system, corporate culture construction in full swing, corporate image rising. July 2010 the company successfully passed the CCC certification. In the global financial crisis, unfavorable situation, be vigilant, to the unique marketing network advantages and customer demand for orders products, occupation of the market, to achieve a contrarian flying, production and sales booming. 2009 to date a total of nearly 100 million yuan in business income. Li Sicheng company in the stronger and stronger concept, and actively introduce new strategic partners for the company to bring advanced management experience and strong financial backing. Through repeated consultations, the two have reached a substantive intention, decided to flow stage car as a platform to the company's mature private car manufacturing technology as a support to the strong backing of partners to Shiyan City, the automotive industry cluster for the Position, together to the mobile stage of the vehicle orientation, specialization, large-scale production and management areas into the consensus, the formation of a real community of interests.

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