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                        Car Purchasing Process



                        The First Step . Contract Negotiation
                        Telephone us or have a site inspection to negotiate models, product prices and related requirements
                        Sales Executive: Mr Huang
                        Contact No.:13636255698
                        Office No.:0719-8761716
                        Free Calls: 4006628333
                        Fax: 0719-8761078
                        Zip Code: 442000
                        The Second Step. Contract Signing
                        Signe the purchase and sales contract, prepaid contract deposit (fax signed or field contract available).
                        Company Name: Shiyan Wisi Cheng Special Purpose Automobile Co., Ltd.
                        Account No.: 82010000000554568
                        Issuing Bank: Shiyan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. Sanyan Branch (Agricultural Bank of Sanyan Branch).
                        The Third Step. Produce Arrangement
                        We arrange production only according to the provisions of the contracted vehicle chassis model.
                        The Forth Step. Delivery and Acceptance
                        Vehicle delivery and acceptance, pay the balance of the vehicle.
                        Customers can take the car themselves, and also can negotiated by our company to arrange to transport and negotiate transport related costs.
                        The Fifth Step. Completing the Relevant Procedures and Signature Confirmation.
                        The buyer is required to sign on the delivery ticket, to confirm receipt of the vehicle intact, complete procedures(only for negotiated transportation).

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