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Linear Light
  • Linear Light

  • Model : Australis D
  • light source : OSRAM LED Source
  • Lamp body material : Aluminium
  • Protection grade : IP65
PWM Dimming, Widely used for local lighting, facade lighting and space lighting. SMD3528,




> Adopts high heat conduction aluminum for extruding manufactured lamp body;
> Advanced spraying coating technology on surface for anti-aging, anti-UV and perfect thermal performance;
> Anti-aging and anti-resistance, and adopts imported frosting PMMA with full flame retardant and high luminousness;
> There is a unique light mixing design inside the luminaire and extra top quality PMMA for perfect light effect;
> Adopts SMD type LED to meet different luminance requirement; Optional at various colors; 
> Polymer structure silicone for outstanding tightness and aging resistance in different climates;
> Unique wire casing design for seamless connection among luminaires;
> IP65 to fit for severe environment. 


Color White (3000K; 4000K; 6500K)
Input Voltage DC24V/DC12V
Size 1050*42*25mm
Power 10W
LED QTY 96pcs
LED Brand Taiwan Chip
LED Type SMD3528
Beam Angle  ≥160°
Lifespan 50000hours
Environment Temperature -40  55
IP Rating IP65
Control Method Unibus Video-scanner System


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